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Below are the recommended assets needed to attain a professional live streaming product. All products can be purchased through the recommended links. We recieve no affiliate commission nor do we suggest you consider only our advice. We are simply one objective source to consider. Please take the time to do additional research to ensure the best possible production.

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EOS Camera Utility

This resource will turn your current Canon Camera into a web cam. This can be used in Zoom, OBS, vMix and other softwares to livestream

RGB Lighting

This light can provide accent colors for lighting during a recording. You would reduce of the room lighting and shoot this light off of the wall.

Lavalier - Option #1

This will add the capability to add a lavalier microphone to your recording. This comes with 12ft worth of chord to connect to your camera.

Purple Panda - Lavalier - Opt. #2

This is one of the most popular mics to add. Either option will work.

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