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Most frequent questions and answers

Equipment costs for this package are not included in the price. We will assess the equipment you may already have what will be needed for your broadcast and make the best recommendations. We cannot begin Livestream integration until, your organization has all the necessary equipment needed.

While most can stream directly from a phone, an external computing device will provide optimal quality and afford the ability to add graphics and overlays to enhance your broadcast. Our service works best with those who have an external computing device. (Desktop or Laptop)

As a rule of thumb 5MB upload and 10MB download speed would be required to begin streaming your events at a high quality. (750kb or more). You can check this by performing a speed test online. While a wireless connection can work, it is also recommended that your computer be connected via hardwire to your computing device.

Setup and installation can take up to two weeks to integrate. If you are planning for a major event, we can provide a 48-hour rush service for an additional $150.  This fee will need to be paid in full prior to beginning the Livestream implementation.

There may be additional costs to integrate your stream which can be fully explored via the free consultation.

With the popularity of Social Media, an external website is not needed to share your stream. You can use your social media platforms to share with viewers to watch your event or service.

We will provide 2 hours remote tech support to trouble shoot any issues that may arise in the livestream integration of your broadcast. Any additional tech support can be requested at a rate of $50 an hour.